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"I have known Tony for over ten years and he has never let me down. He is a leader with the highest integrity and professionalism."

Michael Baltay
Spin-in Ventures, LLC


"TDJ's global Staff has been a tremendous asset to my small organization. Working closely with the TDJ global team, I have managed to accelerate delivery of my product to win a large local opportunity. A true sense of global partnership."

John Fraize
Founder, President
Isaac research


TDJ Consulting believes that successful organizations are built from their inception on the premise of vision, infrastructure, product, and revenue scalability. TDJ Consulting believes that such scalability requires enriching a work force through developing exceptional internal talent as well as through outsourcing to optimize resources and investment. TDJ Consulting believes that maximizing internal and outsourced resources requires real, measurable collaboration across diversified work environments and geographic locations. TDJ Consulting believes that nurturing our local talent in the US in collaboration with global partners will strengthen our local economy while meeting business challenges. This is truly a win-win for all.

We are keenly focused on Integrity, Corporate Responsibility, Domain Expertise, and passion for Technical Innovations.

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