Professional Services

  • Augment your staff with highly-qualified, full-time and consulting engineering talent ... more
  • Extend your development and support team locally and/or globally to accelerate delivery of quality products on time; we have many years of experience with Agile/Scrum/Waterfall/Hybrid SDLs ... more
  • Provide independent testing of your products locally and/or globally to deliver more robust products the first time … more
  • Looking for innovative solutions for IOT or a Smarter Grid? Need assistance with Efficient and Cost Effective Management of Electric or Water or Renewable Resources? GIS for your assets? See our latest case study...more
  • Project manage your product life cycle to meet challenging requirements; practicing agile/scrum/rapid/extreme development disciplines
  • Rapidly proto-type your products as a proof of concept
  • Offer custom development, OEM, or other professional services such as development of monitoring and surveillance tools for you and third party products, e.g., EMS/NMS
  • Feasibility Study, Assist with Technical and Business Due-diligence.
  • Fast-track your new US investment in Massachusetts with exceptional engineering management and talent … more

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