Management and Human Resources Consulting

In today’s high tech market, speeding time to market while reducing costs is the name of the game. Utilizing our PLC, SDLC, and TPR industry proven methods, TDJ Management Consulting helps our clients improve performance and product quality by making the most of existing resources and processes. We start with practical storyboards and decision tree analysis to align with your business objectives. We will provide a framework to quantify the values of outcomes and help you make the best decisions on the basis of existing information and best guesses.

We realize that your employees are your greatest asset and our Human Resources consulting services enable your organization to exceed the overall corporate objectives, as well as those of the individual. We tailor HR services to each client company’s needs, from HR strategy, policy and infrastructure development to benefits administration and staffing.

Let our proven expertise provide you with the most cost effective programs to increase organizational efficiency and effectivesnss. Let us turn your biggest weakness into your greatest strength as a differentiator.

Engagement with TDJ consulting services follows a practical approach to implementing improvement plans.

  • Meet with the client to understand existing challenges and desired outcomes
  • Deploy TDJ experts to analyze current practices (agile, scrum, kanban, ...) and products (jira, ...)
  • Start with developing practical storyboards and prudent decision tree analysis
  • Provide a practical plan of recommendations & actions
  • Assist with plan execution as directed by the client
  • Assist with Business Development leveraging our industry connections.

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