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Independent Testing

Manual Testing

  • Design and Develop Use Cases and proper test cases to thoroughly test your product (ask us about our methodology); we are familiar with Packet and Optical networks

Test Automation

  • Design automated test harnesses and automated framework tools based on Python, Perl, TCL, Java, Javascript and other languages. Intimate with PCAP, Netflow, SFlow,...We will utilize what you have, take advantage of Open Source tools and frameworks, supplement as needed.
  • Ask us about our extensive NFV/SDN/Cloud lab; experienced with ODL, RYU, FloodLight, Openstack, Neutron, ML2
  • Ask us about our ecommerce and CMS staging; Experienced with Magento, Sharepoint, ...
  • Help troubleshoot variety of protocols for general and special purposes, both proprietary and standardized: data-link reliability, TCP/IP, IPC, name services, lawful intercept, Ethernet, ATM, SONET, T1 and T3, IP Mobility, Security Pen testing etc.
  • We are familiar with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Development (CD), Bamboo, Jenkins, Teamcity; we can facilitate and improve your product delivery lifecycle.
  • We are resourceful, practical, and frugal.

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