Expertise in Networking & Communication

(Embedded + Applications)

  • Architect and design Cloud, Virtualization, IoT, Networking, Security, Monitoring, Content/Data Management, Distributed n-tier Systems, IP Mobility, and IMS solutions leveraging Web Services, OO Analysis and Design, J2EE and .NET Frameworks, MVC/CMS Frameworks (Drupal/Symphony/WebGUI/LifeRay/…), TCP/ IP, RTP/ RTCP, H.323, SIP, MGCP, VLAN, L2TP, IPSec, SSL, DHCP, IMS, VoIP, RSVP-TE, and LDP, Oracle, Postgres, and many more.
  • In depth knowledge of SDN, Openstack, OpenFlow, Ethernet, Routing (RIP, BGP, …ATM), SNMP, DOCSIS, ATM, 802.11/ 16 MAC layers, IPC, name services, lawful intercept, SONET, T1 and T3, etc.
  • Full understanding of Deep Packet Processing and Inspection using network processors, aka DPI, Behavioral Analysis, Application Detection, Monitoring, and Reporting, Bundling Services
  • Experienced with techniques used to achieve high availability and fault tolerance, redundancy, state replication and fault handling
  • Intimate with design and development of Data Acquisition systems for various applications, e.g., analytics, reporting
  • Familiar with many Network Processors, Specialize data-path processing is the rule in networks devices today. Our engineers have years of experience developing systems based on AMCC, Netronome, Cavium, Tilera, Broadcom, and Intel NPUs.
  • All aspects of Data Storage and Management Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, MS-ACCESS, Hadoop, Cloudera, couchDb, Mongo
  • Many years experience with Agile/Scrum/Waterfall or hybrid development and engineerig SDLs

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