About This Blog

About This Blog

The Global economy is the new reality; tapping into offshore resources is not an option but a requirement for survival. And, healthy IT globalization, similar to a healthy democracy, creates opportunities for all. We all understand the benefits and the challenges of globalization but we do we really understand the benefits and risks to the local economy? This blog is an open and honest dialog on how can we leverage “offshoring” to the advantage of our companies, communities and country.

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  1. Monish on August 1, 2012 at 3:32 am

    International trade is the same as changes in technology, firm organization, consumer tastes and international trade. They usually increase economic efficiency, they make certain jobs obsolete and they increase or reduce levels of pollution. For all these things, government does should not act as a central planner. Instead it should focus on services and public goods like education, welfare, infrastructure, defense and law enforcement and let the wider economy direct itself.

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